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Jamie Giellis

Personal Statement

A woman’s reproductive rights are human rights. Any person’s healthcare is between her and her doctor and no one else. With the recent appointments on the Supreme Court along with our current President, now more than ever we need local leaders who will fight for a woman’s right to be in control of her own body. I will work with NARAL and other leaders to ensure our rights are not eroded and will be a vocal advocate for women on reproductive rights as well as on issues such as paid family leave. Too often women face economic barriers when they choose to have a family. Denver can be a leader on this issue but we need a mayor who respects and values women in and out of the workplace.

Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the below statements:

1. I support a woman’s right to choose abortion as recognized in Roe v. Wade and oppose abortion bans that violate the standards set by Roe v Wade: Agree 

2. I support coverage of abortion services for women who depend on the government for their health-care – including but not limited to Medicaid and Medicare clients (such as the Hyde amendment/1984 Colorado State Funding Ban), U.S. servicewomen and government employees. I support coverage of abortion services for women who depend on the government for their health-care – including but not limited to Medicaid and Medicare clients (such as the Hyde amendment/1984 Colorado State Funding Ban), U.S. servicewomen and government employees: Agree

3. I oppose proposals that would undermine or eliminate a woman’s right to choose abortion by granting new legal rights to an embryo or fetus (including but not limited to human life amendments, human life statutes, fetal homicide laws, so-called “personhood” proposals and/or other “fetal-rights” proposals): Agree

4. I oppose bans on (or making it difficult for insurance plans to offer) abortion coverage in employee or insurance related benefits packages: Agree

5. I oppose imposing medically unnecessary and burdensome regulations on abortion providers in an attempt to drive them out of practice. (Such proposals are sometimes known as TRAP laws: Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers): Agree

6. I support proposals that protect women, all patients, doctors, and other health-care professionals at reproductive-health clinics from violence, harassment, threats and intimidation: Agree

7. I oppose so-called “Crisis Pregnancy Centers,” (which are more accurately known as Fake Clinics which lie to women about their healthcare and are an organizing front of the anti-choice movement) operating directly across the street from an abortion provider: Agree

8. I oppose government support for these fake “clinics” and support proposals ensuring they do not mislead or intimidate women facing unintended pregnancy by misrepresenting themselves as sources of unbiased health information. Nor do I support city funding for these types of organizations: Agree

9. I oppose proposals that require parental notification/consent for young women under age 18 to access abortion or contraception: Agree

10. I oppose laws that attempt to intimidate women from exercising their fundamental right to reproductive health-care such as those requiring medically unnecessary ultrasounds, motivation bans, mandatory delays, and city-mandated lectures and/or materials: Agree

11. I support the expansion of access to safe, legal and prescribed medication abortion (mifepristone, otherwise known as RU 486) and oppose efforts to limit its availability through bans on off-label use, telemedicine, or other restrictions: Agree

12. I support funding for family-planning services and oppose proposals that would disqualify abortion providers from participating in health-care programs or receiving grants to provide health services: Agree

13. I support a no-cost birth-control policy – including the assurance that employers cannot block the benefit from their employees because of their own personal objections to contraception: Agree

14. I oppose proposals that allow certain individuals or corporations – such as HMOs, pharmacists, healthcare providers and health insurance companies – to refuse to provide women specific reproductive-health services, information, or referrals: Agree

15. I support evidence based sex education for young people and oppose “abstinence-only” programs that censor information on contraception benefits: Agree

16. I support overturning of Colorado’s Constitutional Amendment prohibiting public funds from being used towards abortion services: Agree

17. I support women’s access to emergency contraception – including but not limited to policies that guarantee EC in the ER at Denver’s hospitals (EC is an FDA-approved contraceptive, taken after sex, which greatly reduces the likelihood of pregnancy. EC is not abortion and cannot harm a pregnancy if one is already established): Agree

18. I support economic policies such as paid family leave that help women who may want to choose to raise a child to have all the economic tools available to them to be able to make a choice they want, rather than what their financial situation dictates: Agree


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We fight for a future that includes access to all reproductive health care no matter your zip code or employer. Are you with us?