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The NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado SDC is a nonpartisan committee that supports candidates committed to protecting the right of every person to make decisions about the full range of reproductive health options, including preventing unintended pregnancy, bearing healthy children, and choosing legal abortion.

Our biggest priority for 2018 is making sure that we elect a pro-choice majority in the Senate. Our Path to a Pro-Choice Majority slate is a special endorsement of five candidates who are crucial to making sure we have a pro-choice majority in the Senate.


Statewide Candidates

Candidates for Colorado State Senate

Candidates for the Colorado House of Representatives

Susan Lontine – HD 01
Alec Garnett – HD 02
Jeff Bridges – HD 03
Serena Gonzales-Gutierrez – HD 4
Alex Valdez – HD 05
Chris Hansen – HD 06
James Coleman – HD 07
Leslie Herod – HD 08
Emily Sirota – HD 09
Edie Hooton – HD 10
Jonathan Singer – HD 11
Sonya Jaquez Lewis – HD 12
KC Becker – HD 13
Marc Snyder – HD 18
Kent Jarnig – HD 20
Liz Rosenbaum – HD 21
Todd Kastetter – HD 22
Chris Kennedy – HD 23
Monica Duran – HD 24
Lisa A. Cutter – HD 25
Dylan Roberts – HD 26

Brianna Titone – HD 27
Kerry Tipper – HD 28
Tracy Kraft-Tharp – HD 29
Dafna Michaelson Jenet – HD 30
Yadira Caraveo – HD 31
Matt Gray – HD 33
Kyle Mullica – HD 34
Shannon Bird – HD 35
Mike Weissman – HD 36
Tom Sullivan – HD 37
Janet P Buckner – HD 40
Dominique Jackson – HD 42
Barrett Rothe – HD 43
Danielle Kombo – HD 45
Daneya Esgar – HD 46
Gbenga Ajiboye – HD 48
Joann Ginal – HD 52
Tanya Travis – HD 55
Barbara McLachlan – HD 59
Erin Kelley – HD 60

Candidates for Other Offices

Diana DeGette – Candidate for U.S. Representative of Colorado’s 1st congressional district*
Joe Neguse – Candidate for U.S. Representative of Colorado’s 2nd congressional district*
Diane Mitsch Bush – Candidate for U.S. Representative of Colorado’s 3rd congressional district
Karen McCormick  – Candidate for U.S. Representative of Colorado’s 4th congressional district
Stephany Rose Spaulding – Candidate for U.S. Representative of Colorado’s 5th congressional district*
Jason Crow – Candidate for U.S. Representative of Colorado’s 6th congressional district*
Ed Perlmutter – Candidate for U.S. Representative of Colorado’s 7th congressional district

* denotes a candidate endorsed by the NARAL Pro-Choice America PAC

Please consider making a gift to our Small Donor Committee so that we may provide financial support to what are surely going to be the most contested (and expensive) races in the state. We also need volunteers to help us knock on doors and make phone calls!

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We fight for a future that includes access to all reproductive health care no matter your zip code or employer. Are you with us?