For Immediate Release:
June 24, 2018

Karen Middleton, Executive Director
NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado

Laura Chapin, Communications Consultant
NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado


Denver – Today, the Supreme Court ruled in NIFLA v. Becerra that fake women’s health centers can lie to women. This is a blow to women’s health care in the state of Colorado and across the country. NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Executive Director Karen Middleton issued the following statement:

“Today, five Supreme Court Justices, including Justice Gorsuch, turned their back on Coloradans and condoned the deceptive tactics used by fake women’s health centers.  There are more than 70 of these fake clinics in Colorado and the ruling today means they can continue to lie to people about their health care.

Pregnant Coloradans deserve accurate medical information about their health, and we strongly disagree with the Court’s decision. This is why we fought the Gorsuch nomination – because his nomination did not reflect this state’s longstanding pro-choice values. He was the deciding vote today to take Colorado women’s rights away.

This ruling interferes in the doctor patient relationship and the ability of patients to exercise their Constitutional right to choose abortion. And this is exactly why we need a pro-active bill, like the Reproductive Health Rights and Justice Act introduced this year by Representative Daneya Esgar, to protect the reproductive rights of all Coloradans.

While the anti-choice activists who staff these fake clinics are entitled to express their agenda, they should not be allowed to deceive, lie about medical facts, and delay access to comprehensive reproductive or prenatal care.

One vote made all the difference today, and it could also be the only thing between upholding Roe or outlawing legal abortion in America. We will be exploring the options to rectify this decision for Colorado women and families and protect our right to choose abortion care and to access medically accurate reproductive health care.

“But our work does not and will not end there. We know the real goal of the extreme, national organizations behind these centers: overturn Roe, and do everything they can to control the lives of women until then. We will continue fighting back—against fake women’s health centers, against Trump’s judicial nominees, against the lawless, cruel actions of the Trump administration, and against the slew of anti-woman, anti-choice bills in our legislatures and Congress.”


NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Foundation’s mission is to support and protect, as a fundamental right and value, a woman’s freedom to make personal decisions regarding reproductive health care.

NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado’s mission is to develop and sustain a statewide constituency that used the political process to guarantee every woman the right to make personal decisions regarding reproductive health care.

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