For Immediate Release:
May 18, 2018


Karen Middleton, Executive Director
NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado

Laura Chapin, Communications Consultant
NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado

NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Statement on Trump Administration’s Gag Rule on Abortion Care

Denver – NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Executive Director Karen Middleton today issued the following statement on the Trump Administration’s domestic gag rule  on abortion care:

“The announcement by the Trump Administration that will prevent health care providers who receive federal funds from providing or referring patients for abortion care is dangerous, insulting, and counter to Colorado’s pro-choice values. Anti-choice extremists have attempted multiple bills at the Colorado General Assembly that would dictate what doctors could say to their patients – and these bills have been rejected every time.

This action is a threat to the health care of every woman in Colorado – and women nationwide. We expect our Colorado delegation to speak up and to fight it, and we will hold accountable those who do not.”

Editors Note/Background: This domestic gag rule is part of a pattern by the Trump administration to push policy after policy to rollback our basic rights since their very first day in office. When the Trump administration implemented the global gag rule, services were cut, healthcare centers were closed, and women were cut off from healthcare across the world. This rule dismantles Title X, the nation’s program for affordable birth control and reproductive healthcare, which 4 million people rely on to receive essential care. This administration has eliminated the Teen Pregnancy Prevention Program, attempted to rip healthcare away from millions of Americans, implemented a rule that allows bosses to decide whether or not their employees can get birth control, and more.

Founded in 1967, NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado has more than 35,000 members and supporters statewide.


NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Foundation’s mission is to support and protect, as a fundamental right and value, a woman’s freedom to make personal decisions regarding reproductive health care.

NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado’s mission is to develop and sustain a statewide constituency that used the political process to guarantee every woman the right to make personal decisions regarding reproductive health care.

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