For Immediate Release:
February 22, 2018

Karen Middleton, Executive Director
NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado
720-251-6695 (cell)

Laura Chapin, Communications Consultant
NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado

Two Anti-Choice Bills Fail in House Health Committee

HB 1082, HB 1225 Would Have Harmed Colorado Women and Their Health Care

Denver – NARAL Pro-Choice Colorado Executive Director Karen Middleton today issued the following statement on two anti-choice bills, HB 1082 and HB 1225, failing in the Colorado Health, Insurance, and Environment Committee tonight:

“Both of these bills posed serious risks to the reproductive rights and health of Colorado women. Both of these bills interfered with the doctor-patient relationship. And both of them failed for the right reasons – because the legislators who voted no respected the expertise of physicians and the will of Colorado voters.

HB 1082 was designed to shame and humiliate women who seek abortion care, and to trap doctors in red tape and regulations. HB 1225 would have made a fertilized egg a person under Colorado law, outlawing abortion in all cases and many forms of birth control. It would have made performing an abortion a Class 1 felony, punishable by life in prison.

None of this is acceptable to Coloradans, who strongly support reproductive rights and have for 50 years since Colorado became the first state to allow safe, legal abortion.

We appreciate the Members of the House Health, Insurance, and Environment who voted no on these dangerous bills, and especially thank Chair Ginal for her leadership.”

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